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By Canada Start Now / January 25, 2018

At this point I’d like to have ANYONE see this sentence.

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=’false’]

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[/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=”1|2″]

This content you only want members with the membership level of Professional or Professional+ to see. You would change this according to what your own membership IDs are inside MemberMouse and which memberships you want to get access to the content.

[/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=”2″]

This content would only be visible to members with membership level of Professional+.

[/MM_Member_Decision] The rest of the story will continue on here, and open to anyone visiting the site.

Lonnie – Screenshots from Membermouse, take at 2:45 PM EST – as you can the “sync” is not working (for the member I created on Wednesday night; not the one you created for MM):

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