• CEO of the Year - This award is bestowed to the highest executive within a Canadian-based startup for their accomplishments and contributions to their organization.
  • Serial Entrepreneur - "Been there, done that;" having successfully built one company, you have gone on to create your next one or become a key contributor to the Canadian startup ecosystem
  • Leader - You not only hold the title, but command the respect of those around you as have led them and the organization to new heights.
  • Rookie - Having just started out your career, you have come along within the 365 days and been a game changer that the industry has noticed.
  • Transformation Leader - A female IT, technology leader, or business leader  who has led an technology transformation, digital transformation or business change programme driven by technology in the last 18 months. Judges will assess the planning, execution and results of the transformation programme, looking particularly at the technologies and innovation involved, best practice, alignment to business goals, impact on the business, training/awareness/education, ROI achieved, and how culture shifts were managed.
  • Business Role Model - A female business leader in technology who has been an effective role model to other women in the last 18 months. Judges will examine demonstrations of leadership and business achievements, as well as examples of being a role model and inspiring other women to succeed in technology.
  • Young Leader of the Year - A technology or business leader under the age of 35, or who turns 35 in 2018, who has progressed rapidly though their career and demonstrated business value and innovation through the use of technology. This could include demonstrations of successfully deploying technologies; improving how a company approaches technology; delivering effective IT or technology strategies; enhancing decision-making with technology; creating business value, efficiencies and cost savings, or improving services, through the use of technology; driving new innovation in the industry; or furthering knowledge, awareness and education around technology.

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